: Information Assurance
Information Assurance is critical to protecting and defending the information management infrastructure of the United States from continuous malicious attacks. Our capabilities span the broad spectrum of communications and the full array of Information Assurance operations. As concepts of net-centric and cyber warfare evolve, the security components of Information Assurance and superiority are more important than ever. ISYS understands that for our customers, the stakes in Information Assurance could not be higher. We are committed to providing world-class Information Assurance and security capabilities to our customers.

ISYS is an industry leader in providing services and expertise that includes:
• Office and Management and Budget (OMB) Compliance
• Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Compliance
• National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Compliance
• DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) Compliance
• Computer Network Defense
• Critical Infrastructure Protection
• Disaster Recovery Plan Development
• Interim Authority To Operate Documents
• Certification and Accreditation
• System Security Plan Development
• Security Technical Implementation Guide Development
• Information Assurance Risk Assessment and Management
• Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery
• Information Assurance Test and Evaluation
• Computer Forensics and Analysis
• Continuity of Operations Plan Development
• Authority to Operate Documents
• Plan of Actions and Milestones
ISYS' Information Assurance Subject Matter Experts have extensive knowledge in the use of and application of the various Information Assurance directives, policies, and standards.
• Office of Management and Budget 02-01
• Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002
• U.S. Government Information Security Reform Act of 2001
• Federal Information Processing Standard 199
• Federal Information Processing Standard 200
• Department of Interior Information Technology Security Handbook
• National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-18
• National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-34
• National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-37
• National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-53
• National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-53a
• National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-60
• National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-61
• National Institute of Standards and Technology 800-116
• Department of Defense Directive 8750
• Department of Defense Instruction 8500.02
• Department of Defense Instruction 8510.01
• Cyber Security Assessment and Management Tool
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